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We help companies to better support their employees.

Do you want to get rid of paperbased or Excel-based PDPs?
Do you want to increase your visibility on employees' skills for better resourcing?
Do you want to better monitor progress on your employees' development goals?
Do you want your PDP process to be more interactive?
Do you want to better align personal development goals and company business goals?
Do you want to engage all parties involved in the development of your employees?
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We guide you through every step until your employees succeed.

Easy set-up

Our technicians will work with you to set up the Chimmer CareUp portal for your company and to synchronise it with your existing systems where needed. A Get Started training will be delivered to designated Chimmer CareUp representatives at your company.

Full customisation

Once you purchase the licence to use Chimmer CareUp, we help you to fully customise it for your company, based on your human resources needs. This includes adaptation of Chimmer CareUp to the client's organisational chart, level of company goals definition, employee recognition programme, and mentoring programme.

Dedicated account management

In case of any technical improvement need, your designated Chimmer CareUp representatives can contact our technicians for a same day response. A dedicated account manager is also available to discuss with you your experience using Chimmer CareUp and making sure it always meets your expectations.

Make your employees happy

A company can never invest too much in their employees' well-being. Here's some proof.

Performance of happy employees is 27% higher than the performance of their less happy coworkers.

~ Harvard Business Review - January 2016

78% of employees say they would remain longer with their employer if they saw a career path with the current organisation.

~ Mercer - August 2015

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