You dream it, you chim it!

Chimmer lets you list your goals in life and manage them in a smart way so you can achieve them.

Why Chimmer

Embrace your goals till completion. Capture your timeline of success.

Level up your ambitions

Sort your goals by categories,  set reminders to review them,  and mark your progress.

Chimming with friends

Sync with your contacts, share common goals and congratulate your peers.

Visualise your dreams

Attach pictures, browse through your timeline and get inspiration from your friends' Chimlines.

How it works

We've got a fun family of knobs to walk you along your accomplishments.
Select the category
Choose the category of your chim among Work, Money, Travel, Family and others...
Create your chim
Type your chim and set a desired start date and end date.
Team up with your friends
Accomplish your goals with friends and family. The shared chims will also appear on their Chimline.
Mark your progress
Mark your progress and visualise it on your Chimline. The green marker is for completed goals and the red marker is for uncompleted goals.
Visualise your chims
Capture your achievements in photos and attach them to your chims for a greater sense of achievement.
Manage your daily tasks
Break down your goals in tasks for a better chance to achieve them. Mark your progress for each task as you complete them through the day.
Say and receive "Thank you"
Thank your peers who contributed to your achievements. They will do the same.

When to use

Chim all your goals, big and small, as you progress in life and contemplate your happiness.
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